How We Started

DuctTesters is a top  quality energy consulting and  third-party verification company. Established because of a tremendous disconnect between the developer/builders and their trade contractors, as related to  Title 24 Part 6 compliance. We have been working to close that gap by training and educating within the industries. This is beneficial so everyone can work together on accomplishing the common goal of building a superior product. We take pride in helping the trades involved to understand what their contribution is and how it fits into the larger picture. Our passion is to deliver top quality energy consulting services.

Who Are We

DuctTesters is a team of top  quality energy consultants certified third-party verifiers and professional personnel. Our team of  Certified Energy Analysts are dedicated to quality work. Our  HERS Raters (Certified Home Energy Rating System) make sure that the energy features proposed on paper are what actually gets installed during the construction process. Behind the scenes is a friendly professional team that supports it all and is eager to please our clients. Not only do they handle all the paperwork, but they attend industry training too. This ensures they can handle the industry jargon and all the tough questions. The priority throughout the company is to always deliver top quality energy consulting and third-party verification services. 

Where Are We Now

Since our establishment, we have grown from a training entity to a full-blown quality energy consultant. DuctTesters completed more than 65,000 different projects to-date. Over the last decade, the team has grown to nearly 60 employees. Coverage has grown to cover all of California and Nevada. In addition, we cover select areas in AZ, CO, and NM. We go where you go.

What Type of Projects Do We Cover

Our experience with more than 65,000 different projects has allowed us to become experts in all different types of construction. Projects we cover include: new, existing, alterations, and additions of…resident owned, custom and production single family residential homes, commercial, affordable, and multi-family properties. Covering California’s Title 24, Nevada Energy, and other home energy requirements or programs.

Our Executive Team

John Gillett-CEO
As CEO of Quality Built, John brings nearly two decades of executive experience in the construction industry. With a background in energy inspection services, John has worked closely with teams from the EPA, DOE, RESNET, and USGBC, and pioneered comprehensive engineering, quality assurance, and risk management solutions for builders across the nation.

Frank Ferrentino-President
With a professional background as a Certified Building Contractor, RESNET Home Energy Rater, Florida Licensed Home Inspector, Florida Licensed Standard Inspector, and ICC Residential Building Inspector, Frank’s technical work experience includes performing structural inspections to ascertain structural integrity and Florida Building Code and International Building Code compliance, reviewing submittals for code compliance, performing Property Conditions Assessments for Distressed Assets, providing Property Inspections for real estate transactions, developing windstorm mitigation programs, and providing energy performance tests for HERS ratings. He has first-hand knowledge of building science, having owned, and operated a residential building company, constructing over 50 custom homes. Frank is a graduate of Wingate University, with a Bachelor of Administration in Accounting, and resides in Deltona, FL with his wife and two daughters

 John Leonard-CFO
John has over 20 years as Chief Financial Officer experience. When John is not looking at financial statements, he can be found biking, scuba diving, or sailing. Living in St. Simmons Island affords him the opportunity to play in the water. No matter where he lives, John is a diehard Atlanta Falcons fan.

Brendan Ong-COO
Accomplished product manager and leader of multi-national engineering teams with over 15 years of experience in Product Management, Revenue Operations, and Project Management. Proven track record of bringing complex software products to market while ensuring top line growth and bottom-line profitability.

Renee Leonard-CHRO
Renee has worked in Human Resources Management for over 20 years and brings expertise in corporate compliance, talent management, employee engagement, performance management, organizational structure management and strategic planning. She has led human resources teams for large corporations across a variety of business sectors. She is passionate about Human Resources and dedicated to creating a thriving employee culture with strong corporate values. Renee is a graduate with a bachelor’s in business management and Bachelors in HR Administration and resides in Fleming Island, FL. Renee enjoys spending time with her family, running races, diving with her oldest daughter, watching her youngest daughter in gymnastics, and traveling to see various lighthouses around the U.S.