Certified Energy Analyst and HERS Rater Sam Maimone HERS Field Manager

Another Certified Energy Analyst (CEA)

It is official, we have another Certified Energy Analyst. A big “shout out” to our team member Sam Maimone. Sam officially passed the Residential Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) exam. Sam has been a member the DuctTesters team for eight years. In addition, he is certified by CalCERTS and CHEERS as a HERS Rater. We are proud of Sam and all he has accomplished during his time with DuctTesters. Congrats Sam! This is a wonderful accomplishment.

What is a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA)?

CABEC, developed a comprehensive certification examination for California energy Analysts (“CEA”) that incorporates the Energy Code Standards. The certification shows an individual holds a deep understanding of the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The Building Energy-Efficiency Standards are also known as Title 24, Part 6. It signifies mastery and understanding of energy efficiency issues.

A CEA provides quality energy-efficiency services within the industry. There are two types of certification. One type of certification is Residential and the other is Non-residential. Each type has its’ own certification. Sam earned the 2019 Standards Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) for residential.

Since Sam passed, our team now has nine official CEAs.

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