duct leakage test for multi-split system

duct leakage test for multi-split systemThe 2019 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards are here. There are new approaches to HVAC equipment, ducting, and testing. HERS Provider, CalCERTS, posted information today on protocols for multi-split duct leakage testing. The document holds useful information for the client, hvac subcontractor, and the HERS Rater.

For instance, a multi-split hvac system has an outdoor unit which allows variable refrigerant flow to multiple indoor units. When this happens, there is a different approach for airflow and fan efficacy testing. This duct leakage testing document is a good reference resource. When in doubt, you can reach out to someone on our team and if we do not know, we will get the answer for you. In addition, if you would like to download the bulletin by a pdf, you can here.


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