CalGreen Services

DuctTesters has a number of team members Certified CalGreen. We offer full service CALGreen Inspections and Green Books. We are available to do both or just one of the services.

CALGreen is a mandatory green building standards code. CalGreen is Green Building Standards developed to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) to 1990 levels by 2020. To read more about CALGreen, you can visit here:

The CALGreen process begins with the CALGreen Checklist and filling it out correctly. In addition, your project plans must have all CALGreen checklist items addressed on your plans. The process continues later on during the construction phases. The CALGreen Inspector will then need to verify items in the field. We hold a site visit to verify all checklist items are complete. The inspector then signs off for submittal. 

Download CALGreen 2019 Residential Checklist as a zip file

Download CALGreen 2019 Non-Residential Checklist as a zip file

There are other green, energy-efficient, and sustainable building programs. There is LEED, ENERGYSTAR, GreenPoint Rated, NGBS and more.