Central Valley Permit Service

Central Valley Permit Services

DuctTesters has partnered with Sarah Wever of Central Valley Permit Service. Sarah has 29 years of experience in the permitting process and is vastly knowledgeable with the submittal and plan check process of various cities and counties.  She has the know-how to expedite permits.  Prior to starting Central Valley Permit Service, Sarah was working for a local government agency.  

Sarah is not only an expert in the business but she also thoroughly enjoys it.  Her energetic and professionalism, lends a great working relationship with clients and the people behind obtaining central valley permits.  Her services are great for contractors that do not have the time for the paperwork and the running around, that is required to get their permit in a timely manner.

“Let us do the running for you.” Please contact us and we will assist you to get your business expedited. You can also visit: www.centralvalleypermitservice.com.