HVAC test in California

CF2R Testing and Paperwork (Subcontractor Assistance)

We can help you and your team with the CF2Rs Testing and Paperwork

    • The subcontractor is responsible for the installation and is still required to sign off on the completed Certificate of Installation (CF2R) to confirm the accuracy of the information, and that the installation complies with the requirements shown on the Certificate of Compliance (CF1R) for the unit. We can verify the CF2R information matches the CF1R requirements, fill out required forms, and conduct the verifications.
  • Outsourcing the CF2R Tests can ease your team’s time management and save your company money
  • Input data in the CF2R forms
  • Conduct and measure installer mandatory measures
    • Duct Leakage
    • Air Flow
    • Fan Watt
    • IAQ
  • Tape or mastic any small anomalies to make sure you meet compliance and eliminate return trips
  • Contact you directly if there are any issues

Contact our office directly for more details: 866-950-1191 or  209-579-5000