Certified Consulting and Verification Services

DuctTesters specializes in green building consulting and verifications. Want to build a “Green” home? The DuctTesters team holds certification in a number of green, energy, and sustainable programs. Our knowledgeable team provides top quality and innovative green building consulting. With the market shifting towards building a more efficient home, the term “Green” has taken on a new meaning within the industry. Yet, there is no set standard of what makes a product green. So how do you show off how green your home is if there is no definition of “Green?” That is where our green building consulting expertise comes in.

Programs Programs like GreenPoint Rated, LEED for Homes, Energy StarCalGreen , and  National Green Building Standard  have defined what is “green.” Each program has developed a verification system for documenting a homes “green-ness.” By building an energy-efficient home and incorporating green building techniques into the design and construction of the home, the home earns green points. The programs need special inspections by trained and certified professionals to earn their coveted ratings. This ensures everything gets documented and verified.  DuctTesters is proud to say they are a Certified GreenPoint Rater  for both the new and existing homes programs, Certified CalGreen Inspectors, Certified NGBS Rater , Certified Energy Star, and a Certified LEED Rater  as well.
GreenPoint Rated Certified Certified LEED for Homes Sierra Club Zero Energy Ready Home
Pacific Gas and Electric Incentive Program EnergyStar, EnergyStar Partner, EnergyStar CA USERA Logo Build It Green
CABEC Certified Energy Analyst California Efficiency First EnergyPro Exchange EPX DuctTesters NV Conservation League
Habitat for Humanity RESNET Southern Nevada Green Building
NBPP Certified CHEERS HERS Rater Certified CalCERTS HERS Rater