HERS Verification and HERS Raters

What is a HERS Rater?

A Certified HERS Rater obtains a certification from an accredited Rating Provider. The only two approved HERS Providers in California are CalCERTS and CHEERS. A California HERS Rater must be certified by at least one of the two. RESNET is an approved HERS Rater for outside the state of California. The DuctTesters Team has some HERS Raters certified by all three.

A HERS Rater inspects, verifies, and tests a home to make sure it meets or exceeds the minimum required compliance or features to earn a HERS Rating. This process is often referred to as HERS Verification.  In California, HERS Rater’s verify and document the Title 24 requirements. DuctTesters has a large team of Certified HERS Raters covering the entire state of California and Nevada. The team is HERS and HERS II Certified to cover all testing, verification, and documentation. Additionally, DuctTesters covers select areas in AZ, CO, and NM.

Certified HERS Verification Certified HERS Verification being done by HERS Rater Duct Leakage HERS Verification test


What Tests and Verifications do HERS Raters do?

…and any other compliance measure on the 2019, 2016, or 2013 Title 24 Part 6 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards. In addition, there are several other third-party verification services that the DuctTesters team provides. Visit the link third-party verification services to see more.

Want more about our HERS Rater Team, click here. Additionally, if you are looking to understand more about HERS and a HERS Rater, download this pdf put out by Energy Code Ace or contact us.