Home Energy Inspection and Review

A home energy assessment can also be known as an audit, an inspection or an analysis. The first step in making your home more efficient is reaching out to us. An energy audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses. Next, we can check what measures you can take to save money, save energy, and feel more comfortable in your home.

Once you have a visit from one of our Certified Existing Home Technician (Rater) you will find out how your home is currently performing. During the visit we collect information about your home’s construction. Also, we use specialized equipment to analyze the HVAC and insulation. In addition, it takes a look at the house’s energy use and loss. An infrared camera reveals hard to detect air infiltration. It can also detect missing insulation and is a valuable tool for finding the cause of home discomfort. One of our  Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) will use a state certified program to analyze the efficiency of your home. They will show you how the proposed upgrades will affect the home’s overall efficiency, reduce utility bills, and improve indoor comfort.

Please note:  When hiring a home energy inspector, the installer or material supplier should not be affiliated with the same company inspecting the home. The home energy technician is a third-party inspector (such as DuctTesters). The energy inspector should not profit from any installations or products suggested or needed to fix or upgrade your home.

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