Incentive and Rebate Programs

There are a number of builder, developer, and homeowner incentive programs. Most of the programs apply to new construction. Also, there are several rebate programs. The programs are with the utility companies but, there are other programs too. DuctTesters offers administrative services for utility incentive programs and energy mortgage programs. Specifically, California Advanced Housing (CAHP), Energy Upgrade Multi-Family, and Energy Upgrade California. In addition, there is Energy Efficiency New Homes (EENH), PG&E Savings by Design (SBD), Nevada Energy Program, San Francisco Energy Watch, SoCal Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and more. The programs are continuously changing. Incentive and rebate programs often need a Certified Energy Analyst put together the Title 24 for the project. DuctTesters is CEAs. We are well advised to all ongoing incentive and rebate programs. Be sure to reach out to find out and find out what program you could take part in.