LEED for Homes

DuctTesters is LEED for homes certified. We offer consulting and field  verification for new homes to earn the USGBC LEED for Homes label.  The LEED for Homes is a green, sustainable, and energy-efficient program showing the home(s) go above the state’s building requirements. LEED for homes is a certification process that allows the team to customize the process with a point system. The project team can choose different credit points in different categories to meet or exceed the label’s certification process. The LEED label signifies the home uses less energy, fewer resources, less utilities, and is a healthier home. Since you are accruing points, you earn different levels of certification for LEED for homes. In addition, LEED for homes covers any type of Single-Family or Multi-Family Residential. Interested in learning more about LEED? Visit the USGBC LEED page here .