Professional Training

We offer complimentary professional training. We can train your office or field team. Building energy codes get updated every 3-4 years and new technology is enhancing the industry every day. Common construction practice is ever-changing and professional training is necessary. If you are not up to date with all of this, you are at risk of being behind. We offer personalized professional training sessions in your office or in the field on a range of topics. This includes: Energy Code, HVAC tests, insulation installments, and HERS Verification. This ensures everyone is on the same page when a HERS inspection takes place in the field. Also, by offering complimentary professional training, it helps make sure the work in the field gets done right the first time. In addition, eliminating failed inspections and re-test fees help increase financial success on your projects.

Some Photos from Title 24 Code Training Sessions

Building Energy-Efficiency Standards Training Southern California Building Code Training 2019 California Building Energy Code Training
AIA Energy Code Training California Title 24 Training Title 24 California Training

Some Photos from Title 24 Code Field Training Sessions

CalCERTS training in the field with DuctTesters

Field Training for HERS Raters with CalCERTS field training hvac test

Videos From Field Inspection and Verification Training

Whole House Fan Training Session QII: High Quality Insulation Installation Session