California Title 24, Nevada Energy, Green Building Energy Consulting, Home Energy Audit

DuctTesters strives to give top quality energy consulting services. The team works with production homes, multi-family, custom homes and remodel of existing homes. In addition, we can give non-residential energy consulting. Non-residential is commercial, retail or high-rise buildings. We specialize in providing clients with all the options. We explain the different scenarios and create cost-effective solutions. In conclusion, we want to meet your project goals and budgets.

Our strong team of Certified Energy Analysts (CEA) take pride in ongoing learning and top quality energy consulting. Our professional energy consulting covers California, Nevada, and other areas. We are experts with California Title 24Nevada Energy, and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) . The International energy code is what you must meet or exceed to receive  Federal Energy Tax Credits (FETC – 45L). Also, this is a base many states use for their building energy code. Be sure to ask us and if we do not hold expertise in your state, we can recommend someone else that does.

Part of our energy consulting process is to produce comprehensive project summaries. The summaries layout all the options. This becomes a valuable tool. It allows you to find out exactly how each option affects the total build cost. If we are conducting a home energy audit, we produce a report too. In addition, we can show you how to qualify for a green, energy or sustainable certification. Some certifications include; Energy Star®, GreenPoint Rated , or LEED. Since 2003, we became experts providing you the best solutions.

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