duct leakage test for multi-split system
HERS Provider, CalCERTS, posted information today regarding duct leakage testing. This is a bulletin covering the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards on ducted multi-split duct leakage testing.
Approved 45L tax credits
The 45L Federal Energy Tax Credit is officially approved and extended for 2021. Part of Congress's spending bill included The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. This 1-year extension includes the 45L tax credits. Find out if you qualify for $2000 a unit of FETC.
Certified Energy Analyst
A CEA is a Certified Energy Analyst. This is a certification stating that the person has a deep understanding of the California Building Energy-Efficiency Standards. The California Building Energy-Efficiency Standards are also known as Title 24, Part 6.
What is a MERV Rating or MERV Filter?
MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This is a system used to check the efficiency of an air filter catching particles of varying sizes. MERV ratings are the filter's effectiveness at filtering particles of different sizes.

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