Step right up, get your energy code presentation. Now adopted are the 2016 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards (Title 24 Part 6). DuctTesters is proud to always educate the industry. For the 2016 code, DuctTesters offered complimentary presentations and field training events. The various events held across the entire state of California covered builders, architects, subcontractors, public officials, and consultants. The California 2019 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards (Title 24 Part 6) are now in process. The 2019 code is in effect as of January 1, 2020. Once again, DuctTesters takes the show on the road. 

DuctTesters offers complimentary presentations on the 2019 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards. Seminars are held across the entire state of California. The team continues to offer this service to current and potential clients. Also, DuctTesters trains subcontractors, public officials, and other industry affiliates. If you would like to have DuctTesters speak to your team, please contact us.

Exciting News

Now, DuctTesters offers a Sales and Marketing presentation to help clients with marketing the energy-efficiency aspects of the home(s). As a result, the presentation is designed and customized for the client’s product. The Sales and Marketing presentation discusses the new EDR. EDR stands for Energy Design Rating Score. The EDR is a comparison tool when examining an older home versus a newly built home. DuctTesters is a full service energy consultant and third-party verification company. The DuctTesters team helps clients meet and/or exceed their energy needs and desires. Reach out to DuctTesters today to set up your next informational or educational session.

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