HERS Verification Team

Thank you to our Residential New Construction Team!

DuctTesters is a full service energy consulting and third-party verification company. We offer services for Title 24, Energy-Efficiency Verifications, HERS Raters, CalGreen Inspections, Tax Credits and more. What sets us apart from our competitors? Our team. We have an amazing team of dedicated people that go above and beyond their daily duties. This month, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we would like to show our love and gratitude to our Residential New Construction office team. We call them the RNC team.

Our RNC team follows up with clients, reaches out to their subcontractors to get CF2Rs signed off, schedules our HERS Raters, tracks project’s progress, and gets the CF3Rs completed and sent over to the client. Clients are starting to recognize how important it is to have a strong HERS team staying on top of a project to ensure C of O dates are being met. DuctTesters is proud of their team members.

Today, this month, for you Valentine…a big shout out to our Residential New Construction Team…THANK YOU!

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