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  1. Sam Stine, Ace Insulation says:

    Thank you DuctTesters, I am just happy to work with your team, it makes our jobs go smoother. thank you


    “Wanted to recommend a HERS Raters to you. They can handle your HERS raters needs. We have not ran into a good HERS raters in the last 4-5 years. These guys have the sub-contractor in mind and also the GC, in lieu of just having their job in mind. Just thought I recommend them to you: http://www.DuctTesters.com, DuctTesters, Inc”

  3. J. Mendoza with Lennar says:

    “Thank you Tamara, you and your team are awesome and I can tell you lead by example. I just wanted to let you know that Courtney is awesome and did a great job with this phase with all the hurdles we had, she was always there to answer all my questions. Cody was also very courteous whenever I had a question. Please let your team know that I appreciate their hard work and professionalism.”

  4. C. Loomans, TRI-Pointe Homes says:

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Jeremiah’s help this morning in revising the Talus & Prism T-24’s. He answered the phone immediately, was very pleasant and pulled up the T-24 info for both jobs. He ran a couple alternate scenarios for me on each job and gave me answers on both within about 15 minutes. This was the quickest and most pleasant interaction I’ve had when needing to make changes on T-24.

    I look forward to working with Jeremiah in the future!

  5. Michael Hall, RSI Communities says:

    DuctTesters has been great. They are always fast and responsive to phone calls and emails. They also are an excellent partner to value engineer all the many variables that go into energy calcs.

  6. G. Hulands says:

    I found DuctTesters through the PG&E energy audit site and wanted a rater (a certified home energy auditor) to come and assess our newly purchased home which was about 30 years old. As a software engineer in the Bay Area, I think it is important to have an independent company verify work being performed by other contractors. We found that the ducts in my house leaked approximately 40% so I made the decision that we would replace them along with the furnace and AC as they were the original equipment when the house was built.

    During the whole process of having companies out to quote a new system, I found it quite surprising how many companies still do not size the HVAC equipment correctly. There are free online tools that will calculate a pretty close heating and cooling load for your house and using these helped me weed out the lazy or possibly unscrupulous salesperson trying to sell me a system larger than what was needed.

    After settling on a HVAC company that I felt gelled well with my goals, DuctTesters came out to verify their work and the result was that it had failed on the first test. I found this reinforced my decision to go with an independent verifier as it holds the HVAC company accountable to me for the money I am outlaying to them.

    In my emails with Dave, he has never recommended anyone or anything, but rather “have you seen this” or “check out that”. I have asked Dave for other companies he’s used for things like windows and closed cell spray foam insulation. He has given me names to check out, but like always, I try to get a couple of quotes and get a feel for each company, compare the attributes of each and go from there.

    I would unequivocally recommend DuctTesters to anyone looking to improve the efficiency of their home.

  7. John C. Podesto says:

    Duct Testers was a good company to work with. Diana was very helpful in getting me the test results. I would definitely use your company again.
    John C. Podesto

  8. Cameron Johnson, Pacific West Communities says:

    We have been using DuctTesters for a few years for our Title 24 work.  They provide professional and quality consulting and we have been more than impressed with them.  We would definitely recommend DuctTesters to other developers and anyone who needs Title 24 calculations, HERS verification or help with meeting today’s CA building code.

  9. Lana Miu says:

    Hi David,
    My name is Lana Miu, and I recently built a house in Lafayette, CA. Wanting to be ‘green’, I opted for the solar energy. As such I was down this path of trying to maximize the rebates available. I engaged Duct Tester as my HERS rater, that was one of the best decision I made down this very long bureaucratic path.
    All of your employees are wonderful and very helpful with one distinct stand out from Mike Berien. Not only was he efficient and patient, he was taking ownership of the project and escorted me to the very end ( check is still in the mail – I hope! )
    I just want to write and thank you for running a great company and a special thanks to Mike for all his help.

  10. Sister Marietta Fahey says:

    Gabe Lopez came for final testing of heating / AC system in the home.
    He was very professional and at ease, very articulate in answering my questions.
    He worked well with the technicians also on site.

  11. Ed Mann says:

    We had Mike Lehr come out to check our system. We didn’t know exactly what was involved in the process. It was funny when after spending about 1/2 setting up, the test only took 30 seconds. We were pleased with his professionalism and would definately recommend him.

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